Originally PSP games have been distributed on UMD, which interprets as ‘Universal Media Disc’. This is a special disc format designed by Sony, and it is supported only by PSP consoles. To run games on Emulator you need to dump data from UMD, or use ready dump, which was already made earlier. Also it is possible to purchase digital versions of games using PSN (Play Station Network) service and decrypt them to Emulator-readable format.

Game dumps are called ‘ISO files’ (so they have ‘.iso’ extension) — in the meaning of disk image composed of the data contents from every written sector on an optical disc. Also game dump can be compressed, such ones are called ‘CSO files’ (with ‘.cso’ extension). Please note: while CSO is always smaller size than ISO, PSP Emulators (as well as original PSP) run compressed CSO slower than original uncompressed ISO.

There is an app called PSP Games Emulation Guide developed by Emultech team which contains complete set of instructions how to run PSP games, get ISO and CSO game image files and play them. This is musthave for anyone interested in PSP games, PSP emulators and PSP emulation.

  • PSP UMD games ISO, CSO instructions.
  • Documentation for emulator configuration.
  • Links to useful emulator resources.
  • Everything combined in one smart app.

Technicaly, PSP emulation on Android is a very complex process. PSP CPU architecture is much different from Android ARM, ARM-64, x86, x64, etc. Practivally, current emulation community developments made emulation process user-friendly, but there are still some details which are necessary to understand and configure manually.

The reason for such ambiguity is simple: different PSP games use different PSP internal architecture abilities, so they require different emulation configurations. Providing guidance in this area is the goal of the PSP Games Emulation Guide application.

Since development is opensource and community-related, there are different emulators wich can share some features and can also have specific ones. Some games work perfect on emulators, some are not. Some are great on one emulator, some are on another. For PSP emulators, visit our PSP Emulators article.